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              About Licheng

              Tel: +86-769-38955066

              Fax: +86-769-38955075
              URL: http://www.yanshanshuiku.com
              E-mail: listener@listener.net.cn

              About Us

              Dongguan Licheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2004 in Chang’An town of Dongguan City. It provides all-around mould making tools and equipments for mould manufacturing enterprise and metal processing enterprises in South China region.

              In order to expand operation specification and operation range to meet customer requirements, our company moved into Hengfu Industrial Park in August, 2010. And in Ningbo and Changsha, we set up branch companies and offices. Meanwhile, we introduce abroad metal cutting and processing equipments. At present, we provides following products: Japan CITIZEN precision numerically automatic controlled lathe series, Japan horizontal machining centre, German Index multi-axis turning milling machining center, Taiwan CAMPRO vertical and horizontal type precision numerically control comprehensive high-speed processing machine, numerically control horizontal lathe, JOEMARS high performance electrical discharge machining.

              In April, 2010, Dongguan Lisen Metal Machinery Co., Ltd. was established to agent OKAMOTO extra-precision numerically control grinding machine, including, high precision cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine, numerically control profile grinder, extra-precision large numerically control flat grinder, OPS precision numerically control comprehensive high speed processing center, Japan Miyano precision numerically control turn-mill combination center and etc.
              In our company, there is complete pre-sale and after-sale technical service and technology application department. We can provide professional and whole-set technology and processing technique. Meanwhile, we can provide professional solutions.

              Since establishment our company always serves new and old customers with most professional and complete solutions and whole-hearted service.





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